Transformational Leadership Style That Influence Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning plays an important role for an organization. It is a discipline and process to guide decisions, actions and shape what and why the organization is and does. Strategic planning and long-term planning cover several years. However, strategic planning requires organizations to check what it is and its working environment (Christine, 2015). Strategic planning also assists the organization to focus its attention on those key issues and challenges. Therefore, it can help the organization's leaders to decide on what action they can be taken on how to deal with those problems and challenges. (Christine, 2015). Educational institutions need to think strategically in their own direction and future. To overcome the future uncertainties,…show more content…
One way to reduce tensions of uncertainties is by using strategic planning approach (Christopher, 2013). Ngure (2013) pointed out that it is hard to develop a strategy. Make strategic work, perform or entire organizations to achieve it is even more difficult. Ngure (2013) stressed that the strategy, execution or task implementation of the strategy is the most time consuming and complex part of strategic management.
2.2.2 Transformational Leadership Style That Influence Strategic Planning
Leadership style represents an important aspect of leadership. Its significance stems from the contribution it makes to the organization’s success. Leadership is critical and crucial to formulate and implement strategy. A clear commitment to the development of any strategy must be contributed by the senior management or the management team, who must provide the necessary leadership (Schram, 2014). Ideally, a strategy must be developed from the bottom up. Leadership is crucial concern to promote change, and the inherent value basis. Therefore, a reflection on leadership is a starting point to develop and formulate any strategy (Schram, 2014). Leadership is a set of procedures and a group of
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Strategic planning process is essential for effective planning by providing and sharing information with people. In fact, leadership and strategic planning cannot be separated since it is integrated (Christoper, 2013). Leaders can create an environment in which the future concerns of the organizations and individuals can be resolved. In the process of developing strategic planning, providing information to others is fundamental for effective planning (Christoper, 2013). Transformational leadership team brought together to build, learn and reflect on the vision and objectives. Typically, it support positive changes such cooperation, broaden the effectiveness of professional leadership practice (Davis, 2011). University administrators’ act as transformational leadership through the integration of a shared vision for change, empowering voices in a collaborative community and reflection on vision value when planning the strategies in university (Davis, 2011). Both strategic planning and transformational leadership is important to predict the future. Future uncertainties and opportunities exists in both organizations and individuals. Only a leader with vision and a well-developed and planned strategic plan can resolve the problems and uncertainties that faced by organization. It also make opportunities available to organization and
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