The Influence Of Sun Ra And Ra

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Another artist who had a large influence in the black freedom movement and the third world struggles during the 1960’s and 70’s is Sun Ra. Sun Ra is a revolutionary jazz musician who began performing professionally as a kid. Once Sun Ra moved to Chicago in 1945, he immersed himself in jazz. Throughout his life, Sun Ra was influenced by space, religion and radical social movements and he expresses his beliefs and ideals through his music. Sun Ra’s love of astronomy and spiritual awakening opened doors for his music because he started fighting the constraints in jazz. The type of jazz he wanted to play was all about free expression, drum choirs, dancers, and sometimes even acrobats (Sun Ra Biography, 1). Sun Ra’s entire career argues persuasively against the limitations created not only in jazz but in society as well. During his collegiate years, he experienced a visionary experience that led him to drop out of school and devote himself to his music. The visionary experience he described was baffling to a large number of people because he claims to have teleported to Saturn. On this trip, he met people who told him that he could speak through music and the world would listen, even with all the chaos going on. This influences Sun Ra to devote himself to his music in ways that are less limiting and more diverse, while also altering his way of living. Sun Ra’s vision of social liberation was significant because he sought to change various ideals that were embedded in jazz and

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