The Influence Of Super Heroes And Mythological Characters

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Super heroes and mythological characters in stories inspire us to be our better selves in various ways. One way super heroes and mythological characters inspire us to be our better selves is to help and save others. In the article “Into the Maze of Doom.” It says, “I cannot flee. I must kill the Minotaur or more young Athenians will die”. (14) This tells me that he was brave and he risked his life to save others. In the article “What’s With These Guys?” Kristen Lewis, it explicitly states, “They risk their lives to protect the innocent and the vulnerable, often against seemingly impossible odds.” (18) Another way superheroes inspire us to be our better selves is to have compassion about others. According to the text in “What’s With These Guys?” Kristen Lewis it says, “When we see Thor try to save his brother even after he his brother betrayed him, we are reminded of the power of compassion and forgiveness.” (18) This explains to me that people can have forgiveness on things that would be really hard to forgive and be compassionate about other things.…show more content…
An example is on page 13 is, “I am strong and clever. Let me reason with King Minos. And if he will not end this horrible custom , then I will slay the beast so that no other must die.” This can show people bravery and courage can help us persevere through tough challenges in life. Another example is on page 18, “When we watch Captain America stand up to a corrupt leader, we feel like maybe we can find the courage to stand up to the kid at school bullying our best friend.” This explains that even when times get rough we can find courage and become more
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