The Influence Of Superheros In American Culture

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Superheros have gained much popularity over the course of time. Although they started as an American invention to make Americans feel superior and hold themselves to a higher standard than before. The superhero came about during the same time as World War I and America was going through the great depression at this time. As we all want in a time of crisis is to distract ourselves from all of the negative things that are in our surroundings. American families sent their sons, brothers, and uncles off to war but things at home were not all that great either. Then, artist began to create superheros, humans with traumatic past experiences that had supernatural abilities. Americans admired these characters. Not only did super heroes became something Americans looked up to but also several other cultures. Trailers are very important for entertainment. Many people no longer read comic books or have much background knowledge of superheros. Movie trailers are the only way the audience can be captured.…show more content…
In American trailers the actors are seen as normal humans for the first part of the trailers then it moves on to the part where the superhero is called to action and lastly we see them in action, using their super power. As Americans it is much easier to connect with something when we feel like we can relate to the characters. Culturally if we feel like we do not relate to something we will not stand behind the ideals of it. Superheros have provided the American culture with a sense of power that we will always long for. This is America, if there is anything I have learned in all of my history classes is that America always like to show off how much power they have by intimidating
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