The Influence Of Television

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Television has always remained a big source of entertainment for everyone. People young or old, boys or girls; all love to watch television programs. They watch the channels of their choice and the programs that suit their moods. Every medium of entertainment influence the health and psychology of the society and TV is no exception. There are certain allegations against TV that people have stopped taking interest in the world around them because of Television programs. Researchers from all over the world are interested to know the influence of television on our intelligence. It is generally believed that television makes people stupid and impacts the social and emotional skills of the people. According to researchers from the universities of San Francisco and California, “Watching television for long hours impairs the mental ability of the people.” It is believed by the researchers that more television people watch, the worse they perform in IQ and EQ tests. The adhesive nature of conformity compels us to believe that people watch TV shows which are totally rubbish. Even we find no educational factors in any reality show ("Does TV Stunt Neural Development?", 1992). There is nothing factual; about what happens in these shows. Most of the programs people watch on television are unrealistic and they are produced to befool people or to attract their attention. This is perhaps why most of the people believe that TV is making them stupid. Instead of educating people most of the
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