The Influence Of The American Dream In Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream is most commonly known for freedom and individual success. The differences between time eras and changes throughout society are constantly making the American dream look different. It’s all about the different culture and events that happen. The way Americans react will shift quite a few viewpoints of life. Starting way back when in the 1920’s we see Fitzgerald take a stand with his book The Great Gatsby. This book is the perfect description and view point of the American dream in this time. Jay Gatsby was a poor child. Gatsby worked hard and made a life for himself in his giant house and billion parties. This was the American dream by wealth, popularity, and materialism. Jay Gatsby was the ideal person and had the ideal life, although he was an exception because of his childhood. “My house looks well doesn’t it? See how the whole front of it catches the light? (Gatsby) This way of thinking was to almost brag about how large and beautiful his house was. To make others feel as if they were not as important as he was. We know this was the American Dream In the 20’s by observing the culture around the 1920’s. It was the birth of Jazz music. It was right after everyone came here to America to make a new life for themselves. Moving on to the 40’s World War 2 comes alive. The dream has evolved to the white picket fence in front of a large white house that shelters a family along with their dog. “The American dream; white picket fences, gardens with blooming
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