The Influence Of The American Dream

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A vast idea that shadows the United States of America is the American dream. It is an idea which has been branded on the U.S. since it became independent. From having a huge amount of people immigrate to its borders for a better life. The dream is one of first things that come to mind when thinking of the United States of America. The American dream can come in different shapes or sizes depending on the person who conquers it. Although the question that remained in people 's mind if they would be able to achieve. The dream that once clouded people’s mind becomes more of a dream than an actual reality that could be made into a life goal, With the times making the dream harder to achieve, the government ,Or just the work and money needed to fulfill the dream makes people second guess themselves in being able to achieve it. From the time the first person who thought an of the American dream,or to recent the ability to achieve that dream has decreased. With all the events happening right now during these times it has made people take a step back from trying to achieve something great in their lives. It seems as if the American dream has sudden taken a pause. “As cynical as this may seem, the numbers suggest that the people most likely to believe in the American Dream today are those who 've already attained it”. This quotes state that only the people who have attained the dream are the only ones that have faith in its exists. The more you start to knowledge the world
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