The Influence Of The Egyptian Calendar

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Ancient Egypt was one of the most dominant civilizations in it’s time. As a whole, Egypt’s population had some of the most diverse jobs. Specialized trade was quite crucial to the advancement in Egypt’s reign. Power was one of the key factors to a successful civilization, during it’s time, Egypt was the most advanced group of people. Good farming seasons and more food led to people being able to branch out and diversify their trades. The Egyptian calendar played the biggest role in Egypt’s growth as an overall civilization. The Egyptian calendar was extremely vital to Egypt’s knowledge of things happening around them. Floods would happen every year at roughly the same time, this season was known as Akhet, which means Inundation. If the…show more content…
This was a cooler time and allowed farmers to sow their crops. Egypt’s summer was called Shumo. During this period it was a very dry time. This was the time that the crops were harvested. It was often the busiest time of the year. The crops were coming in, therefore the tax collectors came in to the farms and collected the Pharaoh’s share. Egypt’s calendar let people know when the flood was going to happen, when harvest season would be, and when the best time to plant was. Jobs could expand and become more diverse when people weren’t spending all their time worrying about food and farming. People could learn to read, write, and build their own tools. Specialized trade became a more common occurrence throughout Ancient Egypt. Society became a more diverse show of who could do what. Throughout Egypt, there have been hard times, starvation, and different rulers. Without the calendar, this would happen more often. The flooding of the Nile was a very vital and crucial to Egypt’s dominance and success. Knowing when the Nile would flood could provide more time to branch out and diversify your knowledge on tools and other important jobs. If the calendar wasn’t there, then the rest of the gifts probably wouldn’t have been
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