The Influence Of The English Language In The Spanish Language

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Abstract It is a fact that English Language every time has a large presence in our day life. This paper analyzes not only how English affects to our ordinary life but also her influence in the Spanish language. Throughout this paper will be investigate the different techniques used to introduce the English Language into a Spanish environment, such as code-switching or code mixing, mainly in the field of advertising. But, the presence of English language does not only affect Spanish language it also has a psychological effect in the consumer, mainly, in the case of fashion, automobile and technology advertising. In this paper, I will be analyzing how the fact that an advertising in English language results more attractive, even though you do not understand what it said, than other in Spanish. English Language is considered as a global language, as a language of power. This globalization of English also affects to the Spanish Language itself with the introduction of some new English words, as loanwords, in the Spanish vocabulary or the adaptation to some others to sound more global, even already existing this word in Spanish. This fact is considered as a kind of language corruption by Language Scholars, that is why, the Real Academia Española has created some advertising campaigns against the use of English words instead of the Spanish ones, in this paper I will be analyzing some examples of this Fight against Languages. Key Words: Code-Switching, Code-Mixing, Language of

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