The Influence Of The European Settlers

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The Aborigines believed that they owned the land long before the arrival of the European Settlers. They were very strongly tied to their land, so if something were to happened to it they believed they would be strongly affected too. Furthermore, when the European settlers came in and took everything they had, they felt very angry and attacked the Europeans frequently because they felt as if their land was being taken away from them. When the British settlers came and took the children away, it not only affected Aboriginal families, but it also affected the children that were forced to blend into the British community. Many children disliked the British settlers for taking them away and forcing them to live the way they wanted them to. This was because they had been raised by their culture's way of living so they were unaccustomed to the white's way of living.…show more content…
As a result they often felt trapped and helpless, unable to live to be their true selves because of the way the British community wanted them to live. Some never found out whom their true parents were, because they would usually be told that their parents either abandoned them or have died. Therefore they felt as if they were unaware of where they belonged, because even when they were forced to blend into the white's society, they never felt accepted. Most parents who have lost their children are unable to recover the loss of their child, because they know they are no longer there. As a result they can no longer be able to hand down cultural knowledge and therefore, the Aboriginals culture was most likely come to an abrupt
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