The Influence Of The Great Depression In Germany

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The Great Depression had a devastating effect in many people’s lives, primarily Germans. It led to the rise of Hitler and fueled the rise of the extremist political movement in many European countries. I think that the Great Depression was a very significant event that led to many other important events that had happened during the 19th century. I also think that the Great Depression is what triggered Hitler to come into power and later on in history the World War two. During 1929-1939 despite Germany’s rapid growth, the German economy wasn’t strong enough to take on the Great Depression. In many ways, the Great Depression was the key to Hitler, and his Nazi Party’s rise to power. The Great Depression was the key point in German history that led to affect many people’s lives and everyday living. It had also led to the downfall of the German economy from 1929 to around the early 1930’s. The Great Depression started on October 29, 1929, it ended in 1939. One important factor of the Great Depression starting was the Wall Street Stock Market Crash also known as (Black Thursday). The Wall Street crash started on October 24th of 1929. It was a recorded number of shares that were traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The Wall Street Crash was very important to the starting of the Great Depression, because it was the most devastating stock crash in history and changed everything in 1929. It was a four-day collapse of stock prices. Hyperinflation was a big part of this economic
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