What Is The Role Of The Nuremberg Laws In The Holocaust

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The Nuremberg laws affected the Jewish people in the Holocaust in various ways like their rights, freedom, and more. Also, the Nuremberg laws had a role in the Holocaust. The role it had played was a big role in the Holocaust. These laws had affected multiple and had also made them feel isolated from German society and more. To begin, their were multiple Nuremberg laws, but what were the main ones. Some of the main laws were banning Jewish teachers, expelling Jewish kids from public schools, and forbidding Jews from getting married to pure Germans. First of all, each Nuremberg law had a different purpose and effect on the Jewish people. One of the purposes was to isolate all the German Jews from society. Also, another thing was that when they…show more content…
This law had caused all the Jewish kids to get kicked out of public schools and to stop most of their education. The last law is the Germans banning Jewish people people from marrying pure Germans. This law had caused the the German pure bloodline to continue but had caused the Jews to stop marrying any pure Germans. Second of all, what roles did the Nuremberg laws play in the Holocaust? The Nuremberg laws had caused the Jews to feel isolated from society and had affected them in various ways. “Adolf Hitler announced the Nuremberg Laws on September 15, 1995” (“ Nuremberg Laws”). This was when the laws were released and when everything had changed for the Jewish people. Also, when these laws were released it had also caused the Jewish people to feel defenseless because they had gotten their freedom and rights stolen from them. These law basically helped the Germans overpower the Jewish people. Last but not least, the Nuremberg laws had affect the Holocaust in multiple ways. Throughout the Holocaust the Jews began to become isolated from society and more in the Holocaust. “These laws had embodied many of the racial theories underpinning Nazi

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