The Influence Of The Pumpkin On America

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Along with Christopher Columbus ' many discoveries, the pumpkin was one them. The pumpkin, being indigenous to the Americas, was a gourd the Europeans admired. Columbus winkled pumpkin seeds out of a pumpkin and personally brought the seeds along the Columbian trade so it may diffuse across the globe; however, the pumpkin seeds were actually used as an aliment for pigs aboard his ship during his voyages. His target location was Europe. Europe, due to Christopher 's introduction of pumpkins and other New World foods, experienced an economic, cultural, and cuisine revolution. In modern day Germany, The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival typically displays more than 450,000 pumpkins each year, arranging them to create larger than life sculptures based on a particular theme. Ireland also experienced a cultural revolution. The Irish, prior to the 1800 's, used turnips as Jack O ' Lanterns. The Irish learned pumpkins were not only easier to carve out, but they were also a lot bigger. Pumpkins made the Irish culture of keeping away "Stiky Jack" during Halloween more ostentatious. …show more content…

Europe and its great revolutions in the structure of its citizen 's daily lives were caused by the pumpkin, the influence of the pumpkin on America exceeds any other influence the pumpkin could of possibly possess on any

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