The Influence Of The Puritans

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The Puritans believed that the Bible was the ultimate guide on how to live and that interaction with God was only possible in church. They got rid of all the formalities of Christianity to purify it and themselves.
The Puritans were different from what most people think they were. For example, they weren’t just a small group of people and they actually had so much power in England that they fought against the Crowned forces and won, however short-lived that victory was. Also, they had peaceful communities for many years before the witchcraft trials.
Most of the Puritans moved to New England and their population grew exponentially. Religious exclusiveness was their most important principle and their religion and God was included in every aspect of their lives.
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This religious bond brought them together to help each other out and anyone that didn’t have that bond were asked to convert or leave. This technique helped them become more successful in some areas than other colonies.
Their beliefs and interpretations were extremely harsh and strict. They rejected all aspects of society that weren’t biblical and any actions that weren’t approved of were punished severely and without
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