The Influence Of The Russian Revolution On George Orwell's Animal Farm

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The Russian Revolution inspired George Orwell’s Animal Farm. He viewed animal farm as the Russian revolution, which happened during 1917-1945. The pigs in the novel were able to take over of the farm immediately after Mr. Jones was thrown out of the farm. The pigs were able to consider themselves as the smartest animals, and they used this as an advantage to be able to take control and be of authority in the farm. This parallels to the Bolsheviks, who changed their name into Communist Party in the latter. At first their leadership was practical because they were able to gain good planning skills. But later on, they began to use their positions for personal gain, which makes them not do anything in their position. This happened when the government…show more content…
It contained the rights and freedoms that were supposed to be given to Russia. It stated that all people would be given equal rights and access to opportunities and goods. The seven commandments stated in the Animal farm were supposed to be a guide to them. The gradual change and violation of the commandments in Animal Farm shadows Joseph Stalin’s gradual neglect of the human rights of the people, and when the Pigs were taking the milk and apples this is parallel to the corruption that was happening to the political system in Russia. The building of the windmill, this signifies the 5 year plan which proposes plans for economy and industrial production that were supposed to help Russia, and it is similar to Napoleon’s vocation in building the windmill, which is to be able to help the animals. Although the windmill and 5 year plans were faces with many hardships and failures that consequently resulted to killing million of people, and it did not do much for the economy of Russia. The Battle of Cowshed is the Civil War that happened. It was between the Bolsheviks and other revolutionaries who had all the same
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