The Influence Of Trust In The Movie 'Hard Lessons'

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During our lives we all need to trust somebody and to be trusted . From the very early age we realize what trust means; parents are the first people who makes us understand that notion. But they are not the only people who we learn trust from, as schools have a great role in teaching it to us as well. We trust out teachers, school principals and they trust on us and our parents. That is how we establish community build on trustworthy relationship. So, in my following reaction I am analyzing the movie “Hard Lessons” according to the book chapter Becoming Trustworthy Leader, and find out to what extend Mr. McKenna could be considered trustworthy leader.

The movie “Hard Lessons” is based on the real story where new principal Mr. George McKenna of Washington High School is appointed to fight against violence, gangs and drugs users at school. He is aimed to change all the inner system of the school reforming learning and teaching styles, and inviting parents to contribute to the school change. Despite all hardships he faces, Mr McKenna does not quit, moreover he meets his goal establishing safer environment, school disciplinary and improving the education. If we compare McKenna’s practices to the book chapter “Becoming a Trustworthy Leader” where the central idea is building trust to make a successful school , it is clearly seen in the movie that he is trying to use different ways to foster trust among teachers, students ,parents and him to make better and effective school.
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