The Influence Of Virgil On The Aeneid

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The author of the quote used was Virgil, a poet and author who wrote many works, including the Aeneid. In his life, from 70 BC to 19 BC, Virgil was influenced by the works of other poets such as the Greek, Homer, and Horace, another Roman. Virgil was part of the Circle of Maecenas, where poets would gather to share their work, criticize other’s work, and enjoy hanging out with men like himself. Some of Virgil’s work includes the Aeneid, the Georgics, and multiple Eclogues. Virgil’s full name is Publius Vergilius Maro. The quote is found in the Aeneid, Virgil’s most known epic. In it, a Trojan, Aeneas, is sailing from his ravaged home to found “a new Troy” in Italy. He is blown off course by a storm, and finds himself in Carthage, Africa. He likes it there but is ordered by the gods to leave. The distraught queen, Dido, kills herself in her misery. Aeneas sails on, with multiple other adventures, including a trip to the Underworld, where he sees the spirit of his father. He sees a vision of the new Troy and is invigorated by what he sees. He finally gets to Italy, near the end, and then war breaks out with local people. Eventually, the Trojans win, and they begin their lives in Italy.…show more content…
To me, the quote represents adventure and challenges. I picture a sailor looking out to sea when I read this quote, like he’s hanging on the shrouds, ready for a new voyage to new
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