The Influence Of Women's Suffrage

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"I grew up so thoroughly imbued with women 's rights that it was the most important question of my life from a very early day." - Lucretia Mott Throughout most of history women in the US did not enjoy many civil rights and one of them was the right to vote. It was only after the effect of the women 's suffrage that they were finally able to vote and have some civil liberties. The photo describes an example of the many ways that women were trying to promote and obtain their rights. During the suffrage women improved economically and politically as well. This shows a picture of a woman holding a baby in her arms as she looks at it with love. Then underneath the photo it is written " Women bring all voters into the world, let them vote. " Therefore, it is stating the fact that women give birth to children, and it is more focused on males. These mothers then raise, care and teach their children allowing them to become citizens of a country. To become a citizen they must follow the rules and the laws of their country. So if women can raise voters then they should be able to vote themselves. It is ironic that women can raise voters but they cannot vote themselves. This photo also shows that they are actively apart of the nation which makes them a citizen with a nationality so they should be allowed to vote. The fight for women 's right began to raise in the 19th century. This led to the appearance of the Women 's Suffrage Movement which has dramatically changed the social
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