The Influence Of World Cinema

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World cinema is a term used to refer to any film and film industry that is not based in Hollywood. For example, German cinema, Hong Kong cinema and other national cinemas outside of the United States. The films are made, funded and consumed in that particular national cinema. These films usually reflect the locals’ history, politics and cultures while incorporating local aesthetics qualities. For this essay, German cinema will be my primary focus. Hollywood on the other hand is the locale for mass productions of films that are solely based in the United States. These films do not discuss about any national or cultural issues but more for entertaining purposes, targeting a wide range of audiences from around the world. Hollywood is also ranked the first place in the global film market, thus influencing world cinema tremendously. Because it is first, it has the most influential qualities. Delving into the relationship between German cinema and Hollywood, when the Nazis took over Germany from 1933 to 1945, many of the directors like Fritz Lang and Ernst Lubitsch became refugees in America. This had clearly benefited Hollywood because these émigré filmmakers brought with them new knowledge in cinema to the US (Goldmann, 2013). Being one of the most influential director of German Expressionism, Fritz Lang used distortions and harsh lighting to express the internal feelings of an individual. This had influenced American director, Alfred Hitchcock in his films like I Confess

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