The Influence Of Zimbardo In Social Psychology

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How I feel and what I think about the work Zimbardo did in this experiment.

First of all, let me make sure we are on the same conscious level as I begin to answer these questions in regards to Professor Zimbardo, and his master craft being a psychologist. Surely you agree his results are sketched primarily in his experiences in social psychology. Establishing human relations and the grounds of united we stand, one of the most important significant developments is the influence of behavioral science. Behavioral science focuses on the why in human behavior and sometimes the answers could be hard to believe. Human relations and behavioral science are not two in the same. As for Professor Zimbardo, he would say, “The Lucifer effect, rather providing a religious analysis,
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Rather prevention or precaution measures the experiment was conducted with the intent to render results. I’m really not sure how this question should be answered. The outcome of the experiment wasn’t someone dying or Professor Zimbardo being prosecuted for violating someone’s civil rights, I mean, the experiment rendered astonishing feedback for the field of psychology. In addition to exploring the nature of evil, asking me what I would have done if I were Professor Zimbardo is clear. I would have allowed an equal opportunity so both: guards, staff, and inmates were subjected to race barriers. Our attitudes are influenced by the environment and the communities that surround them. A major part of understanding is asking questions. How strong is the need for positive influence? The average person has numerous opportunities to recognize a positive perception because it’s clarified. What makes people go wrong? Is it the dissatisfaction of mutual gains? It’s my view to see and agree that some of the participants were possessive in their disposition. Inasmuch as who’s specific behavior was noticeable. It is obvious the conflict stemmed from
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