The Influences Of Alexander Hamilton On The United States

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Did you know that Alexander Hamilton is on the US $10 bill? Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1757 in Charlestown. Hamilton died July 12, 1804 in Greenwich Village, NY. In this paper you will learn about Alexander Hamilton’s childhood and other interesting facts. In this paragraph you will learn about Alexander Hamilton’s childhood. Hamilton got his first job at the age of 11. Hamilton’s parents were Rachel Fawcett Lavien and James Hamilton. Alexander’s mom worked as a British and French Huguenot descent and his dad was a Scottish trader. Hamilton’s mom died in 1768 at the age of 38 due to a fever. In 1773 when Hamilton was 16 he arrived in New York, where he enrolled in King’s College. (Columbia University) Alexander Hamilton changed the world and influenced others in many ways. In 1775 Hamilton became part of the New York Provincial Artillery Company and fought in many battles. Hamilton co-wrote the famous “Federalist” papers with John Jay and James Madison. From 1782-1783 he was elected to Continental Congress and founded the Bank of New York in February of 1784. Hamilton was the first Secretary of Treasury. Alexander Hamilton is remembered as one of America’s economic minds. …show more content…

Hamilton was born “dirt poor” but was a gifted writer. Hamilton left office in 1795 returning to practice law in New York. Hamilton died at 49 after his duel with Aaron Burr. Alexander Hamilton is on the US $10 bill. In Hamilton’s spare time he studied economics, political philosophy, and wrote

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