The Influences Of Elvis Presley

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“Thank you, thank you very much” is what Elvis used to say back in the day when he was the King of Rock and Roll. Although Elvis was a great singer parents did not want their kids to watch Elvis, because the older generation did not like Elvis, but the younger people thought he was very entertaining. Elvis had created Rock and Roll, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he earned 14 Grammy nominations, which makes my artist one of the best Rock and Roll singers of the 20th century.
Elvis Presley didn’t have many early influences. But one huge influence for Elvis was listening and singing gospel music at his church. Also during Elvis’s early years he had played guitar and he had walked around beatle street to listen to the
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Some of the most major accomplishments he had earned were he had earned 14 Grammy nominations, and NARAS gave Elvis the Lifetime Achievement Award (Torr,2001). Also in 1956 after 25 weeks Elvis had 5 number one hits and 12 top 40 hits which, put him at the top of the charts (Chris,1999). Another thing that happened in 1956 Elvis had had his first RCA recording “Heartbreaking Hotel” which reached top in blues, rhythm, and country (2018). In 1957 Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock,” “Teddy Bear” and “All Shook Up” were big hits which made Elvis the idol for many teens (2018). Also many years after his death, Elvis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Plasketes,1991). Presley was the most successful solo artist commercially to ever live after he had sold over 1 billion songs and albums (Meachan, Rumer, 2017). Even though Elvis had had a successful career, he also had many…show more content…
The most tragic event that had happened in Elvis’s life was when his mom passed away, he was not ready to give her up. Elvis was forced to leave her grave at the end of the funeral. She had been a constant supporter and his biggest fan. Her death caused Elvis to grieve for years to come (Love, 1986). Another tragic event that happened during Elvis’s singing career is that he was drafted into the U.S Army in 1957, but Parker had continued to release records of Elvis even though he was in the Army (2018). Though Elvis had very few tragic events his death still wasn’t very far
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