Essay On Youth And Technology

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5. Technological innovations/Influence of Media: The revolutionary changes in technology have brought many changes in day to day life. The important change is the degradation of morals. Moral values have collapsed it presents uncensored messages and images to the public. Television, cinema, music, internet blogs, websites, video-games, cell-phones, role models has play an important role in honing and shaping the personality of the youth. Many media images broadcast violence, crimes and obscenity which certainly degrade the moral values among the youth. This is because of these media broadcast violence, crimes and obscenity. Expose of young people to potentially unwelcome information and cognitive causes are related to the need for belonging among the youth driven by physical and psychological needs.
6. Effect of Divorce: The major adverse impact of divorce on children is evident during the first year after the divorce and seems to be a bit more enduring for boys than for girls. Pre-school children seem to be most vulnerable to the effect of divorce and
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Behaviours and actions denoting such as rape, sexual abuse, robbery, drug abuse, bettings, killings etc have been common in youth all over the world. Thus, value based education is essential to reduce the moral degradation of youth to bring orderly sequence, security and progress of the youth with society. These impressions determine the positive behavior to a given situation, which ultimately build the character, both individually and collectively. Therefore, the problems related to human values should be addressed and attended in a long lasting way so that moral degradation of youth in particular and society in general is checked and eternal human values can be reinforced and sustained for the well-being of the
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