The Influences On Virginia Dixon's Life

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On July 15, 1913, Virginia Dixon was born in Wortham, Texas. Mrs. Dixon states that she had a joyful childhood and her childhood was one of the best moments of her life. Mrs. Dixon household consisted of her father, mother, and a younger brother. Her younger brother loved to play tricks her as a child. She states “I cannot believe I am alive today as he loved to meddle”. In high school, she was the head cheerleader, the leader in her homemaking group, she was in the honor society, and was voted the favorite high school girl in the school. Mrs. Dixon absolutely loved school. She loved school so much she became a teacher later in life. In her town, they did not include kindergarten and the school grades only went to the 11th. For that reason,…show more content…
In honoring her uncle there’s a community center named after him. With an active war going on, it affected her family in different ways such as cooking. During the war, they could not receive sugar since it came from overseas, so they had to learn to cook with honey. The biggest changed that she has noticed is with the growth of technology. Social media has made a huge impact and is steadily transforming the world. Events in life happen so sudden and in an instance, it is captured on your cell phone and uploaded to social networks. Subsequently, you can see how, when, and where everything is happening. In that case, she is not sure if social media is a blessing or a curse. As stated previously in the post the best years of her life would be her childhood because life was so simple back then. In addition, the best moment would be when her 3 children were born in 1950-1955. Next I asked her what are your plans for the future, she replies with a chuckle “well I am 84 years old Branika”. In all her plan is to stay healthy, active and live a productive life. A challenge for Mrs. Dixon is walking. She has trouble walking, due to having pneumonia twice. According to Mrs. Dixon, she meets this challenge by exercising and using a crane. Keeping a positive
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