The Influential Characters In The Formation Of Sam Houston

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Sam Houston the fifth child of a plantation owner and captain of the revolution went on to become a successful leader and politician in American society. However, his addiction to alcohol hindered his opportunity of obtaining more of his political career and his personal life giving him a bad reputation questioning his ability to serve as a leader to his people. Andrew Jackson and Oo-loo-te-ka where influential characters in the formation of Sam Houston’s; character, leadership skills, and accomplishments. Leader of the Cherokee people Chief Oo-loo-te- ka played the role of a father figure to Sam Houston before he departed to the military. When Sam Houston was younger he admired nothing he disliked school, farming, and his job as a clergyman. Therefore, he decided to live as part of a native tribe the Cherokee were Oo-loo-te-ka accepted him as an adoptive son he admired the Cherokee and paid them respects for their admirable form of living. Sam Houston grew a great bond with the Cherokee and this will be of vast importance when he is given the order to relocate the…show more content…
Resigning as governor from Tennessee and ending his campaign for reelection after his separation to Eliza Allen was a mistake that marked his political career. Another mistake that was made by Sam Houston was accepting the duel with General William White as it created a bad reputation to his candidacy. Regardless, his list of accomplishments where many including his success in the military were his ranking escalated drastically from soldier to sergeant later as third lieutenant, first lieutenant and lastly as colonel. Serving in the House of Representative was an accomplishment that helped him by letting his name known to important political members that later will back up his candidacy. Furthermore, his biggest accomplishment was being named President of

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