Teen Suicide: The Program

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Teen suicide, a disease infecting all humanity, the last, and single solution is ‘The Program’. Very miniscule mistakes could get you or someone close to you flagged, they will be taken to a place of treatment, but when they come back their memories will all be gone. Those in charge of the program see this method as helpful, but all they are doing is putting empty people into society. Sloane thinks she is happy, that she will not be taken into The Program, but she’s not okay. Every day at school she answers two questions; In the past day have you felt lonely or overwhelmed? and Has anyone close to you ever committed suicide? She lies every day, Sloane is overwhelmed, she is breaking inside and she tries to ignore it, but she fills in no. Her…show more content…
During her treatment, Sloane makes a friend; Realm, they become fast friends during aa game of BS. Then she sees James again, neither of them remember each other but they fall in love once again. Sloane hid a purple heart ring James gave her and picture of James and Brady in a slit in her mattress, she remembers this because while she was in the program Sloane took a pill that would let her keep one memory. She is curious, Sloane wants to know what her life was like before The Program, before she lost all of her memories. With the help of some of her friends Sloane and James are given the opportunity to leave their world behind, will they stay or will they go? The Program by Suzanne Young focuses on teen suicide and a new way to prevent the ‘epidemic’, by taking away memories, good or bad. After going through treatment ‘the returners’ are watched carefully and have trouble going back in to society. The Program is not making things better, it is making people curious and uneasy, no one that goes in ever comes out the

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