The Inhumanity Of Slavery In The South Essay

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Douglass also showed the difference of slavery system in South and North. As the increase of black slaves working with poor white indentures on the plantation, it could increase the risk of interracial rebellion of the poor (Lecture 3). Therefore, whites believed slavery system could separate poor whites from slaves and used cruel punishment to keep slaves under whites control (Lecture 3). Douglass explained most slaves in the south were tried to escape to the North though the Underground Railroad. Slavery is still legal in the South. Even thought the Northern states offered better living condition and hope of freedom because of the abolition movement in the North, ( Southern escaped) slaves in the north could likely to be sold and recaptured…show more content…
Through his own experience of slavery from a child to adult, he exposed the brutal nature of slavery and revealed underside of how slave owners maintain such terrible regime. In the institution of slavery, whites gain their power over slavery by the practice of violent and cruel treatment, deliberately keep slaves ignorant of basic facts about slave themselves and the intention of enslaving them. Slaveholders in the south separated slave’s family, slaves will become vulnerable and lost consciousness or hope in the absence of family love. Slaveholder could keep them without facing any lawful punishments. Basis on these, whites can make black slaves lost their individuality and qualities as human, they will have not have consciousness aware their place in the society. They became a living tool or property could obey the absolutely orders from whites. Douglass showed his hatred of slavery was slowly reinforcing and the seed of consciousness was slowly growing as little Douglass grow up from his psychological and physical torture of slavery in his childhood. Douglass failed to describe more about his happiness moment under his grandma’s or Mrs. Auld’s care. As we know he depicted the more tragic childhood, the more we can expose the cruelty of slavery, and the
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