The Initiation Of A Maasai Warrior Analysis

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Values Achieved Through Rites of Passage: Family and Sexual Responsibility In “The Initiation of a Maasai Warrior” written by Tepilit Ole Saitoti, The Maasai’s rite of passage is captured through Tepilit’s own eyes. In order for a child to become an adult and gain respect they must complete the agonizing circumcision. For the Maasai, the circumcision symbolizes the passage from childhood to adulthood, and If during the ceremony you show any sort of fear or weakness you were considered a coward and failed the test of adulthood. Having shown some nervousness, Tepilit managed to endure the pain and successfully completed the circumsion, and was now considered a man. Even though the Maasai culture's belief of rite of passage may seem uncivilized, they may be viewed as very similar to American beliefs concerning the rites of passage, which Naomi Wolf explains in her short story “Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle Towards Womanhood.” In both The Maasai and American culture's, children must go through rites of passage in order to learn family and sexual responsibility.…show more content…
Saitoti writes, “For the first time in your life, you are regarded as a grown-up, a complete man or woman. You will be expected to give and not just to receive. To protect the family always, not just to be protected yourself.” As an adult you cannot be selfish, Your family comes first and no matter what the cost is you do whatever it takes to protect them. Identically Naomi Wolf writes, “…. older women, who upheld the values of femaleness, decided when a girl could join them in womanhood. Their decision
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