The Injustice Case Analysis

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Paintings in black and white
When you see a painting, you are not just looking at the painting. You are looking at life captured at an infinitesimal amount of time. Paintings and photos do not just wholly display an image or a series of images; they are displaying the life and emotions of the painters. While visually you can view a painting just as that, one dimensional. There is an alternate way of perceiving and digesting images. When truly appreciating an image you look not only at what is shown within, but how the images make you feel. Paintings mirror the life you have lived as you see a little amount of yourself in each of the paintings you absorb. The emotional cues and the representations of struggle, life, love, and death should
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This image shows an African American man gagged and tied to a chair in a negative color tone displaying his distress as he raises his head almost praying to god. This image is then placed in front of an American flag. While the image is not subtle in its depiction of discrimination and hate, it does say a lot about American during the 1970’s. The most vital aspect of this image is the additions of the American behind the main image. When you first look at the image, the first thing you see is that man gagged and tortured, then as your eyes zoom out away from this man, you see this American flag that encompasses this man. What these two aspects are trying to depict, is first by focusing on a singular man, the viewer can see struggles of the singular African American man, this could have been any black man in the 1970’s, but it is still focused. This shows the struggle of the individuals as African Americans during this time struggled to thrive even after their chains were…show more content…
Similar to the other painting the people who are torturing the African American man do not view him as a human much like in “Slavery! Slavery! Slavery!” where the whites in the picture seem ambivalent to the suffering of the children as they do not perceive that even the children are humans. In “Injustice Case” whomever has tied up the man does not care about his life and the best way for the painter to project that notion to the viewer is to distort his humanity to the point where the viewer has distorted
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