The Injustice For Carmela's Murder Case

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On February 18, 1994, Carmela Buhbut shot her husband to death. Carmela caused her husband death with 31 bullets, fired at close range. Carmela was convicted by the Nazareth district court of manslaughter and was sentenced by Justice Bach to seven years imprisonment. Carmela appealed to the Supreme Court against the severity of the sentence. When we asked Carmela what is the reason for her act she exposed us to her life story as a batterad woman. She suffered throughout 24 years of continuous terror, blows, dread and humiliation by her husband. Carmela’s relatives support her, even her husband relative justify her and aware of the horrific story. Justices Gabriel Bach, Ya’acov Kedmi and Dalia Dorner were sitting in the supreme court of criminal

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