Horace's Essay: The Natural Talent

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“The Natural Talent” Talent as defines by many critics, is a gift and innate ability that enables someone to be special than others in a particular field, no matter who they are or in which field they superior. However, these critics agree with the definition of this innate talent but differ in the way of elaborate. Some of them believe in this special ability could be achieves or could be obtain with practice, while others focus on one side and neglect the other. To Aristotle, the innate ability or as he calls “natural gift” is more superior compare to learned skill. People who have talents that are inherited by their genes that will allow them to excel, while more hard-working people never reach the same level of creativity.…show more content…
For my own part, I do not see the value of study without native ability, nor of genius without training; so completely does each depend on the other and blend with it. (Horace 20 BC). The importance of natural talent and training are connected to each other; none of them can stand without the other. Moreover, Horace believes that talent can be learned by passion and sincerity and this passion will never come without this innate ability, so they complete each other. Some studies have shown that, in order to be a successful artist, it is necessary to have talent and to practice. Without either one, success would not be likely. Talent provides the artist with enough motivation to keep practicing and practice supports the artist's talent and develops it. Studies are continuous to prove this view that is different from Aristotle’s view, and always the results show that anyone can be learn specific skills, but to be really good in areas such as art, music, singing or sport, then the natural talent is required. This point of view is more likely to be true, as they used the experiment to prove the study. Also, there are many examples from the real life, which try to prove the learned skill, and natural talent cannot be separate from each other. As a result, we would not have got some of the greatest talents in the world like Steven Paul Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison, Helen Adams
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