The Inner Beauty In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The most significant cause of Anne writing this quote was undoubtedly in Anne herself. Despite pain and turmoil, heartache and fear, Anne never stopped smiling. She was a truly special girl who had a special vision that allowed her to find light in what may seem completely dark. No matter what she was going through, Anne stayed as positive as possible; her faith outweighed her fears. Anne’s inner beauty and high moral standings are mentioned numerous times in The Diary of Anne Frank. While she didn’t always show it, Anne was a happy girl who loved humanity, and she had the greatest of hearts. It wasn’t hard for her to see how deserving other people were of displays of admiration. On page 325, Anne writes in her diary, “There is one great change,…show more content…
Although Anne doesn’t always show her compassion, she tries, and on pages 316-318, her affection shines through like the moon through an uncovered window. “Anne: I’ve got something… Presents!... This is for Margot…. Mrs. Van Daan…. Yours, Mr. Van Daan, is really something… something you want more than anything…. For Mother, Hanukkah greeting…. For Pim..... That’s for Mouschi…. And… this is yours… from Mrs. Quack Quack…. And last but never least, my roommate, Mr. Dussel.” In this scene, Anne took time out of her journaling and studying to make presents for every single person living in the annex. She did it out of purely good intentions, and worked as hard as she could to bring her living-mates happiness. As you can see, Anne Frank is a breed of her own, with her never-ceasing joy and her constant attempts to make others happy. No one can deny that, at times, she was misleaded, but out of the kindness of her heart, she would do anything for others. Anne’s generosity is beyond compare, and had this been the journal of any other person, one can doubt that it would include such an abundance of
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