The Innocent Killer Chapter Summary

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The Innocent Killer discusses the troubling life of Steven Avery, a wrongfully convicted man from Manitowoc county Wisconsin. This book depicts how the criminal justice system can be unfair and shows in what ways it was corrupted. On July 14, 1985 Penny Beernsten’s life would never be the same. Setting off for her run Penny checked her watch to make sure she would be able to get back before dark, it was 3:00. With Lake Michigan on one side and the deep forest of point beach on the other Penny felt a sense of utter isolation and amazement. Right as her endorphins were rushing, and she was feeling on top of the world Penny passed a disheveled man dressed in a leather jacket, despite the warm temperatures. While picking up the pace and working…show more content…
Answering 90-95 percent Vogel informed her that she better be 100 percent, since the defense can change even 10% of disbelief into reasonable doubt. Trusting the “good guys” Penny believed that the Sheriff and DA would do the right thing and never try to convict and put someone in jail that was ultimately innocent. Several days later she testified at the Preliminary hearing how the composite sketch, photo array and line up was presented to her and with all of the information she received about Avery from the Sheriff that she was 100% it was Steve Avery that assaulted her. With testifying behind her around a month later Penny received a call, from the District Attorney’s office, informing her about yet another process with the trial. Prosecutors, especially in a sexual assault case, are to file 30 days from a preliminary hearing a document charging the defendant with the crime. This is known as information if this is not processed the victim has to testify again. Forgetting to file the information Vogel immediately refiled and the trial was…show more content…
The final result was that it was not Steve Avery’s DNA that was examined from Penny’s nails but whose was it? After 10 long years the Avery case finally got approved for appeal. After fighting to have the case reopened, it was revisited and found that there was no way that Avery had committed the crime. Gregory A. Allan was found guilty and sentenced to prison. Avery and his lawyers went on to try Manitowic County Sherrif Department for the 18 years that he was incarcerated and the mistrial of justice. DNA evidence has come a far way since the exoneration of Steven Avery and if the case was to be tried today there would be a much different

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