Innocent Voices Film Analysis

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Innocent Voices The film is regarding an 11-year-old boy Chava, during a time when there was a civil war ging on between El salvador’s guerrillas and the army. There was a system as per which when a child becomes 12 years old, the army of El Salvador will take to fight the war against the guerrillas. The USA provided arms to Salvador army, which adds to a long list of cases in which thex exploited countries to meet their needs. In one of the scenes in the film there was an example of passive resistance in which Chava started to play a particular song on the radio (gifted to him by his uncle), which was not allowed by the military and the priest of the local church also plays speaker same to save the child. The Silenced is a South Korean film…show more content…
One has already accepted her son as he is (although it took her time to accept the fact). The other mother realizes in the end that she loves her too much to let him go for the sake of society. This shows that however modern we become it is still very tough for society and its people to accept that their children are homosexuals. Rich and powerful can do anything to maintain the social and economical gap against the poor and can go to any level to do that. La Zona is a film that portrays the same. It shows how rich people stay in a walled society which has been kept separate from the poorest sectors of the city society. They even have their own cemetery. How they brutally kill a poor innocent child shows that the powerful can go on a measure to protect themselves and their area. Can you love a body that has been in a coma for about 3 years? Talk to her a hope of film about unconditional love. A male nurse talking to a woman he loves immensely (in coma) because he believes she can hear and probably one day she will respond. In the end, the nurse committed suicide that it will unite with his love. The Chorus is a wonderful French
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