The Instructors: The Alchemist

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“The Instructors” The Alchemist In the Alchemist a boy named Santiago who requested to become a shepherd and explore the world, but his parents asked him to be a priest. When he told his parents he wanted to travel, his father gave him three coins and his blessings. On his journey he met these people who ended up being his “teachers” and learns a few lessons from them on his way to the pyramids. He met the King of Salem named Melchizedek who educated him the soul of the world and his personal legend, the Alchemist who informed him to do what you have to do and on the way there you lose a few things but gain some at the end, and the Crystal Merchant who also coached him that it’s not dreadful to dream about with your Personal Legend, all people work in different ways. All these…show more content…
When he met the king, he thought he was a regular old man but he really was a ruler of a state. As Santiago advised him about his traveling, the king was willing to help but in exchange, the king get one tenth of his flock. The King also taught him the Soul of the World, in “ It’s what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is”.(12 on pdf) Furthermore, in this quote the king explains what a personal legend is and it transformed his journey not only about finding his treasure, but him finding out his Personal Legend and understanding the Soul of the World. Secondly, he met the Alchemist, who Santiago was horrified of. In “We are afraid of losing what we have we have weather it’s our life or our possessions or our boss”. ( on pdf) Regarding this quote it explains how Santiago faces many obstacles in his journey, but he also feels to leave his quest, because he won 't lose what he already had. Specifically, he promised to give one tenth of his sheep to Melchizedek, falling short on money he earned to the crystal merchant, and in the oasis he fears of losing
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