The Instrumentalist Theory Of Organism

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Instrumentalism ( I have mentioned the references as well. ) The instrumentalist theory sees ethnicity as “neither inherent in human nature nor intrinsically valuable”. Ethnicity is perceived as a strategic basis for coalitions that are looking for a larger share of scarce economic or political power and so it is a device for restricting resources to a few individuals. The instrumentalist theory argues that it is rational for parties to organize along ethnic lines depending on the benefit it brings to them. Consequently, ethnic conflict arises among rational agents over scarce resources driven by the aims of political leaders for political or economic gains or a deliberate manipulation based on a rational decision to incite or encourage ethnic violence. Ethnic conflict is therefore the result of actor’s rational activity of widespread interest such as prosperity, power and security.5 c. Constructivism (If plagiarism matters, change the content as required) The constructivist theory perceives ethnic identity as a socially constructed and fluid entity that can be formed through various means including conquest, colonization or immigration. Ethnic groups are recognized to be social constructions with ‘identifiable origins and histories of expansion and contraction, amalgamation and division’. They are fluid and originate within a set of social, economic and political processes. Constructivists argue that each society has a historically constructed master cleavage and narrative
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