The Intellectual Movements Of The Enlightenment And The Protestant Reformation

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A Whole New World The intellectual movements of the Enlightenment and the Reformation periods of time changed society through its numerous worldviews including defying the traditions of the pre-established thoughts of the past. This adjustment in worldview impacted society forever through its many views including religion, humanism and overall intellectual freedom. The Protestant Reformation was the sixteenth century religious, political, intellectual and cultural movement that spread across Catholic Europe, setting in place the structures and beliefs that would later define the modern era. In the locations of northern and central Europe, countless reformers such as Martin Luther challenged and questioned authority by going against the Catholic Church’s capability to define the Christian beliefs. The abounding amount of…show more content…
This period of time required nothing but freedom, meaning the Enlightenment encouraged all individuals to express their beliefs, feelings and thoughts in anyway which they pleased. The movement caused society to react in many different ways including writing books, pamphlets and creating art. Normal members of society all over were enhancing their own knowledge and sharing their knowledge by becoming philosophers, theologians, writers, historians and poets. The Enlightenment thinkers wanted this intellectual freedom because they believed that restrictions on freedom were everywhere. They believed that no restriction would do nothing but enhance the enlightenment, therefore enhancing human knowledge forever. The Enlightenment supported the public use of one 's reason and mind to be free at all times. The worldview of the Enlightenment imposed an everlasting effect on society. The worldview also caused all of society to challenge their own understanding and to express themselves and their

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