The Interloper Comparison

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Two variances and resemblances that can be found in “The Interloper” and “The Story of an Hour” are the setting and the characters. The characters of each story are both different, but they also have the same aspiration to rid themselves of something or someone. Each of the stories setting are especial different. One of the settings takes place in an ominous wood. Whereas the other takes place in a house on a frenzied street. Furthermore, there are other things that have similarities and differences like foreshadowing and irony. The Characters in “The Interloper” and “The Story of an Hour” have some of the same desires. In “The Interloper” the main characters, George and Ulrich, are men who have been in a feud for numerous years. Dreadfully, both men are trying to murder each other. Both of their cravings are to rid themselves of their family quarrel, and to be the victorious. In the end George and Ulrich both get ensnared under a tree and they settle their feud. Wretchedly, wolves find the men first. “The Story of an Hour’s” protagonist is Mrs. Mallard, is an older woman with a heart condition. Suffering from a heart condition, isn’t the only thing that pains Mrs. Mallard… it’s all so her marriage. When Mrs. Mallard find out…show more content…
“The Interloper” take places at night in haunting woods. Cold and storm weather seem to be indicated. Possibly this is an example of foreshadowing. Meaning that something bad is about to happen.” The Story of an Hour,” takes place in a house on a busy street. The streets are filled with distant music. Additionally, it is a cloudy day, but sun is said to be peeking through the clouds. Another example of foreshadowing, which could mean that there is something good to come. The setting of the stories both use foreshadowing, but the foreshadowing is used in contrast ways. One is predicting good thing are to come, the other is suggesting bad things to
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