The Interlopers Analysis

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Comparing “Two friends” to “The Interlopers” is like comparing black and white. The characters from this two-story are so different, in the way they feel about each other, and how they react when they see each other. Monsieur Morissot and Monsieur Sauvage were delighted when they crossed paths, the two friends couldn’t believe they haven’t seen each other in a long time due to the war that was going on. The two friends are passionate about fishing.On the contrary, the characters from “The Interlopers" are rivals, they 've been fighting a feud their whole life. Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym since birth are rivals for conflicts that were generations ago between the two families The central themes of ' 'Two Friends, ' ' as you…show more content…
The story is narrated in the third person point of view. One advantage of this is that we as the readers know the feelings, and thoughts of every character, that helps us appreciate better what’s going on. "The Interlopers" is also written in the third person point of view. In this case the narrator able to tap into Ulrich and Georg inner feelings, actions. Even though towers the end, as the suspense rises the narration stayed the same. The narrator could 've described not each character was saying to the other, but what he actually thinks, because a lifelong feud could not have ended in a few moments From the information provided by both stories, I concluded that they both take place in Europe, even though the country for "The Interlopers" is not provided. "Two friends" takes place in Paris, France during the years 1871-1877. During that time period, France was fighting the Franco-Prussian war, any people were dying not directly due to the war, but because of famine. The supply of food was limited to close to none. There was also a lake where both friends would fish, and ultimately where their bodies would lie forever."The Interlopers" takes place in the woods on a storming night, bolts of lightning bolts were striking all over the woods, one them subsequently hitting a tree that traps Ulrich and Georg. The weather is described as windy and cold, the trees were loud due to
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