The Interlopers By Saki Analysis

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“The Interlopers” Essay Arguments can last generations and many feel that reaching a compromise can be very difficult. In the short story, “The Interlopers,” two neighbors have been in a feud for three generations, the feud continues to grow more intense as more time passes. In “The Interlopers,” by Saki, the lesson of the story is that life is too short to leave conflicts unresolved because the natural world can drive you to regret reaching an agreement on the issue. Initially, living up to someone else’s standards will precipitate you to feel remorse in not making your own decisions. According to the story, “A long series of poaching affrays and similar scandals had embittered the relationship between the families for three generations” (190). As one can see, this represents that both men had been encouraged to uphold their family’s expectations to sustain the feud between both families. Ulrich states, “‘We have quarrelled like devils all our lives over this stupid strip of forest… I’ve come to think we’ve been rather fools; there are better things in life than getting the better of a boundary dispute” (192). Clearly, due to the conflict between the families, it was…show more content…
According to the text, “The two enemies stood glaring at one another for a long silent moment…And before the moment of hesitation had given way to action, a deed of Nature’s own violence overwhelmed them both” (190). Evidently, if they had worked out their feud earlier the tree would not have fallen on them and they could have prevented the situation. Georg shares, “I think I have changed my mind about things too, this last half hour... I will be your friend” (192). Based on the reading, the family will never know they had rectified the feud, therefore it was too late. As shown above, clearing your issues before it’s too late can keep you from repenting your
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