The Interlopers Theme Essay

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1a. How does the setting relate to the events of the story?

The forest on a stormy night had a dispute of land that lasted a long time. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t about the land. The tree wouldn’t have fallen on Ulrich and Georg and trap them leaving an open ending about wolves.

1b. Write three quotes from the story that best describe the setting.

“In a forest of mixed growth in quest of a human enemy.”
“The roebuck whence it came.”
“The forest lands territorial possession.”

2. The Interlopers was basically the feud because the feud had caused trouble with the 2 families which could not bring any reconciliation. The feud made them want to kill each other all because of this land. Of course, the tree was the main reason that brought them together and made up their differences and forgot about the land. If it wasn’t for
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3rd Limited; This was 3rd limited because of how they know as much as we would know when we read the story which was what happened in The Interlopers. The same goes for the author because of how he had no more information about the story than we would get too.

5. The changes that occurred was that the 2 (Georg and Ulrich) started to become sort of like friends. They realized the feud was pointless and that they should stop this. All because of the beech tree.

6. In my perspective, I believe it's due to the fact it was a “Civilized world” where people would not just go up and shoot them just like that.

7. The strength of their friendship would last for decades because of how they settled their differences and they had stuff in common such as hunting for example. They also got along pretty well when Ulrich offered a bottle of wine.

8. The story has an obvious open ending due to the fact it ends as soon as Ulrich says “Wolves.” We do not know what happens next. It just ends like that. So I guess they wanted us to use our imaginations to create a way of how it would end. There would be many ways on how this could’ve
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