The International Supply Chain Management Case Of Mcdonalds

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McDonalds is one of the largest and renowned fast food chains serving more than 60 million customers across the world. The company has established presence in almost 119 countries of the world with headquarter in United States. The production line principles related to fast delivery, minimum wastage, less lead time, reduced waiting time for the customer, high productivity, are clearly followed and adopted in the McDonalds. The large customer base has enabled the company to hold considerable dominance in the fast food industry and stimulating growth and development pace. The company operates mainly in the form of franchise, or food outlets. The growth of the revenue pattern of the company for the past three years was about 9 percent acting as an indicator of high growth. The main food items prepared and sold by the company includes different kinds of burgers like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and other items like French fries, roasted chicken, soft drinks, desserts and so on (McDonalds. 2013).
Problem Description
Supply chain management is a concept of operations management which helps the organizations to attain competitive edge. Considering the case of McDonalds we can say that as the company is working on an international perspective, there are different supply chain management issues that are being faced by the company which includes the quality of the product, adequate supply of the product, escalated costs because of the increased inventory.
IOM concept that can be

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