The Internet: Advantages And Benefits Of The Internet

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Internet Internet has been playing an crucial role in daily life , especially since the first decade of the
21st century with the development of new networking technologies.Having become the most ever for man throughout the world,it undeniably makes our life easier and more convenient.However,the Internet has changed the way we live both positively and negatively.The following are the advantages and disadvantages of internet.
Firstly,the internet is probably the most opulent source of information.This is likely the biggest advantage that internet offers.Every single kind of information on any topic are stored on the web server on the internet.There are many search engines such as Google,Yahoo available to help people collect the indeed information easier and faster so they can save their time to do other works.Besides,those knowledge are usually free of cost, which are bitterly beneficial to human.Students can use the internet as their references for writing essays or completing assignments.Many of them has taken advantage of internet by learning from webs for education,reading online books.This may help pupils better at self-studying and also less reliable on teachers in their studies,which improves their independence.Teachers can find a lot of teaching material on the internet to reinforce their lessons at school.Individuals can also share their information on the internet,not just get them for oneself. Secondly, people can use
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