The Internet And E-Commerce: Use Of The Internet

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These days, as all of us know, technology is thriving. We see everybody with a mobile phone, a tablet and laptop PCs alike. And yeah, it’s obvious that surviving without an internet connection seems like an incredible challenge for children and adults equally. The rise in the popularity of the World Wide Web gave birth to many new prospects, most notably the development of E-Commerce, short for electronic commerce. Easily said, this is the purchasing and sale of products online. At this point, according to, out of everybody who uses the World Wide Web, there are approximately 1 BILLION people who have shopped for products online! The United States alone saw electronic trade between businesses and consumers (B2C ecommerce) worth around $260 Billion take place in financial year 2013! However, successfully running an ecommerce store isn’t a piece of cake. One of the most common issue being the conversion of leads. Many people may visit your website or your app for instance, but not make a purchase. In this article we’ll list down 10 methods which can help increase your ecommerce traffic, and how to convert the traffic into customers! 1. Using Facebook’s Branded Advertisements This is one of the most utilized methods for advertisement used by ecommerce stores. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. With over one billion users registered (1 out of 8 people in the entire world have an account!), it is one of the most

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