The Internet And Its Impact On The Internet In India

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Although India is a developing country it has always had a big presence on the Internet. For example in 1998 it had 1,400,000 users. Compared with the overall population that was only 0.1%, but overall having two million Indian Internet users in 1998 is very impressive. After 1998 it grew less than a percent for three years. After that there was a faster increase. The biggest increase was between 2007 and 2010.


As mentioned the Internet has helped make advances in many different aspects, such as providing a new way of integrating rural Indians into urban life and making a new platform for economic development, but it is essential that more people can have access to the Internet to make sure all the advances are spread throughout the country. There are three hypotheses that I will attempt to prove or disprove in this research essay. They are that high income, existing telephone lines and more competition between different Internet providers speed up the process of Internet availability throughout the entire country and encourage higher Internet usage.

I will be looking at three main categories, which are Economy, Social Media and Politics, and how they affect the hypotheses and to see if they hold truth. I chose these three categories, because they cover all aspects of life in India that show how developed it is as a country. Since India is a large country, there are significant gaps between the quality of life depending on where you live, it is

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