The Internet And The Evolution Of The Internet

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Main reasons of evolution of internet are invention of elctricity and telegraph systems in the 19th century. Internet is the interconnectd system of networks and computers and various devices are linked by internet worldwide. Internet is the network of networks which includes the governmental , public, private and business networks that uses latest techonology for many purposes.Internet connects millions of consumers and individuals to each other for information sharing and business purposes.The main services of internet are E –mail,Usenet, Telnet, FTP and Web or World Wide Web. Email: e-mail is the short form of electronic mail and we can send and receive messages through it faster than paper communication.We can send receive audio,video and pictures or photos via e-mails. Usenet: Usenet enables consumers to share and express their views, ideas and business news to each other. FTP: FTP is the short form of File Transfer Protocol. Users can transfer file from one plce to another consumer via FTP. Telnet: Telnet allows users to login their computers from remote places.Users can login another computers from rheir local computers via internet.Large firms are using this technique for their employees to operate their computers from local computers. World Wide Web or Web: Web is the most
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