The Internet And The Future Of The Internet

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What is the Internet? Internet is when computer is connected to any other computer anyplace globally thru servers and dedicated routers. When a computer is linked with the internet, they can send and obtain all kinds of data that a user needs. People do not own internet, but there are some organizations that people are interested in their development and functioning (What is the Internet? definition and meaning). The internet is works from networks to networks it connects with millions of computers, forming one network in which a computer can communicate with another computer as long as the internet is connected with them. The World Wide Web is a way to get information by accessing to the internet. It is an easy for people to get information (Beal). History of internet: A lot of people received that the Internet began with computers in a Pentagon named Arpanet in 1969. The theory goes on suggesting that the network was made to survive a nuclear attack. However, neither the Pentagon nor 1969 hold up as the time and place the Internet was invented. A project that began in the Pentagon on that year was called Arpanet gave birth to the Internet protocols sometime later in the 1970, but 1969 was not the Internet 's beginnings. Surviving a nuclear attack was not the Arpanet 's motivation, nor was the building a global communications network (Peter). Bob Taylor, who was in charge of the Pentagon 's advanced research projects agency Network program, insists that the purpose was
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