The Benefits of Computers

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In today’s era of modern technology, there are various types of inventions that have brought benefits to the society. Computers are one of the many gadgets that has been going through the revolutionary phase of device innovation across decades. Bill Gates, an American business magnate, a computer programmer and an inventor, once said “the computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before”. It is essential to have at least one computer in every household in this era as computers provide different sorts of assistance. This proves that technologies have absolutely transformed every aspects of our lives. Computers are commonly associated with the use of internet. Internet is one of the reasons why computers are beneficial to us. How…show more content…
Computers are widely used for educational purposes as it helps to improve access to modern tutoring. Having said this, computers are beneficial in conducting researches. Conducting researches is not an easy task as valuable informations related to the research are needed to be obtained at all cost. It is of our advantage that computers are available for us to use as a tool to gather those information quickly and efficiently. For example, researches are able to find data related to their research on the computer by internet access. The data they will obtain will be from different people of different professions from all parts of the world. Besides that, journal uploaders will have their materials organized into an online database, thus, most academic journals will be accessible online. Accordingly, obtaining journals online is much more preferable than going to libraries because online academic journals provide quick access to extensive and current informations. Furthermore, there are computer features which enhances students’ ability in the adult learning environment. Computer’s features such as tutorial, drill and practice, learning games, simulation, problem solving, assessment and demonstration or presentation have given effective learning process (Salih, 2003). These features helps to motivate, improve and practice new skill and to train learners to generate more idea. Moreover, learning by…show more content…
However, like so many other different things, computers has its pros and cons. High dependence on the computer is unhealthy. We tend to procrastinate our work because we know that computers work in a fast and reliable way. We might not realise this but this invention has managed to trap us into spending too much time with it. Regarding this, it might be the reason why it loosens ties between friends and families. Being indulged in this invention makes us ignorant of what is happening around us. Computer provides all sorts of entertainment but keep in mind that this will mean everybody will have easy access to pornography and immoral materials thus, developing a generation with unhealthy ethics. With the ongoing improvement of internet access, we are able to browse anything online. Computers creates chances for irresponsible people to take advantage on sabotaging and spreading gossips quickly because computers are efficient tools in this kind of

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