The Internet And The Power Of The Internet

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We use the internet every day. To watch the news, determine the weather, get answers to our many questions, contact our friends and family, and even go shopping. Today’s society is deeply dependent on the internet for everything from how to cook an egg to how to buy a house, along with the millions of other things in between and beyond. The internet is the main source of information and the main location for communication. Should the government have control over something so important and part of the everyday life of society? The government should not be able to monitor the internet. The citizens of the United States have individual rights, including the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. The principle of a limited government restricts the power of the government to the expressed and implied power stated in the Constitution. Popular sovereignty gives constituents power and control, they are the source of the government’s power. The people have powers and rights that deny the government the authority to censor the media and the government is not given that power. Over time the internet has become the main place for people to express their beliefs and opinions and broadcast their knowledge. It is such an enormous part of news and the media. Not only individuals, but immense news stations operate a considerable amount of their work on the web. The internet is an important part in the people’s expression and publication of news. In the Bill of Rights, the First
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