The Internet: Important Means Of Communication In Modern Life

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Part 2

1- Internet is considered important means of communication in modern life, as we can how to send and receive messages and interlocutor others and showing our ideas and opinion and also ideas of others and him opinion , they are way to interact. The interaction between people and different institutions and bodies. Therefore , when you use any means of communication should be commitment to a set of ethics and morals.

A- Respect for the other party

When you communicate electronically the person either by mail or in any other way have religious backgrounds felt and use good words in proportion to the skill of communicating with them.

B-brevity ideas and other good conversation speak what say. justice and respect for their time.

Electronic communication takes time: time to read and time in which to respond. Most people today lead busy lives ,just like to do, and don’t have time to read or respond to frivolous emails or discussion a virtual world communicator ,it is your responsibility to make sure that the time spend reading your words isn’t wasted. Make your written communication meaningful and to the point, without extraneous text or superfluous graphics or attachments that may take forever to download.

C- Be forgiving of other peoples mistakes.

Not everyone has the same amount of experience working in the virtual world, and not everyone knows the rules of netiquette. At some point, you will see a stupid question read and
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